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Pantograph trolley with wheels - echoENG MA SL CP50

Main Features:

  • Lifting capacity up to 500 kg.
  • Minimum height 330 mm.
  • Maximum height 900 mm.
  • Equipped with pump unit for ascent.
  • Discharge lever for descent.


Model MA SL CP50
Capacity 500 kg
Minimum height 330 mm
Maximum height 900 mm
Table size 850x500x50 mm 
Dimensions 1060x520x960 mm 
Weight 86 kg


Our scissor lift trolley is more than just a lifter; it's a comprehensive solution ready to tackle even the most intricate challenges.

Limitless Versatility: With a broad height range, from a minimum base of 330 mm to an impressive maximum height of 900 mm, this trolley is engineered to adapt to every need. Whether you're handling maintenance tasks or moving heavy cargo, you'll always have the flexibility to do it smoothly and in control.

Reliable Strength: With a maximum lifting capacity of 500 kg, the CP50 is more than a mere lifter; it's your dependable partner even in the most demanding situations. You'll never have to worry about dealing with heavy loads; our trolley is designed to do it effortlessly.

Intelligent Design, Superior Performance: Equipped with an advanced pump unit for smooth and uninterrupted ascent and a descent lever for controlled lowering, the CP50 is designed with your peace of mind in mind. The integrated table is generously sized (850x500x50 mm), offering the space you need for any application.

With the CP50 scissor lift trolley, you can simplify every lifting and handling operation. Its boundless versatility and reliability in critical moments make it the ideal solution for your daily tasks. Choose ease and efficiency with the CP50 scissor lift trolley and transform every lift into a smooth and uncomplicated operation.

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