Makita Nibbler Clean and Precise Cutting of Metal Aluminum and Sheet Metal

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Clean and Precise Cutting of Metal and Other Sheet

Metal A strong and sturdy nibbler that makes precise curved and straight cuts with clean edges. The handle provides a good grip. A cutting capacity of 3.5 mm for aluminum and 3.2 mm for steel. Motor power of 710 W and a stroke rate of 1,300 rpm. Supplied with makpac case

Max power output 710 W
Minimum internal cutting radius 120 mm
Cutting capacity Aluminum (up to 200 n/mm²) 3.5 mm
Cutting capacity Mild steel (up to 400 N/mm²) 3.2 mm
Cutting capacity Stainless steel (up to 600 N/mm²) 2.5 mm
Cutting capacity Stainless steel (up to 800 N/mm²) 1.0 mm
Cutting width 8 mm
Power cord 2.5 m
Sound power level 92 dB(A)
Sound pressure level 81 dB(A)
Noise uncertainty (K factor) 3 dB(A)
Vibration level (3 axes) 10.0 m/s²
Vibration uncertainty (K factor) 1.5 m/s²
Weight without cable (EPTA Procedure 01/2003) 3.4 kg

783201-2 Allen wrench 3mm
792292-2 Matrix 792728-1 Punch
837630-2 MakPac (2) Inlay 341796-7 Crescent Washer

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