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Hand pallet truck for Europallet - echoENG MA SL TT25

Main features:

  • Lifting capacity up to 2500 kg
  • Double PU roller
  • Double directional wheel
  • Comfortable pumping and handing handle


Model MA SL TT25
Capacity 2500 kg
Min height 85 mm
Max height 195 mm
Lifting 110 mm 
Fork lenght 1150 mm 
Fork width 550 mm 
Single fork width 160 mm
Fork thickness 3 mm
Front wheel diameter 80x70 mm
Steering wheel diameter 180x50 mm
Wheel material PU
Weight 68 kg


Meet your ultimate companion for seamless pallet lifting, the EchoENG MA SL TT25. Crafted for robust performance, this hand pallet truck boasts an impressive maximum capacity of 2500 kg. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it the ideal choice for a wide array of tasks.

Smooth, Precise Movements: Equipped with durable bi-directional polyurethane wheels, this pallet truck ensures smooth and precise movement in any scenario. Navigating your workspace has never been easier.

Unrivaled Flexibility: With an extraordinary low fork height of just 85 mm, it effortlessly grips even the smallest loads. Simultaneously, it can lift goods to a maximum height of 195 mm, granting you the flexibility to tackle various tasks effortlessly. The 1150 mm long forks offer a secure and stable grip on your pallets.

Effortless Manoeuvrability: Despite its impressive power, the EchoENG MA SL TT25 is surprisingly lightweight, tipping the scales at only 68 kg. This featherlight design translates into effortless manoeuvrability, simplifying your daily tasks. The front wheels, sized at 80x70 mm, coupled with the steering wheels, measuring 180x50 mm, ensure seamless movement even on uneven surfaces.

In essence, the EchoENG MA SL TT25 strikes the perfect balance between power and ease of use. Lifting heavy loads becomes a smooth, effortless operation, guaranteeing efficiency and convenience at every turn. Elevate your lifting experience, choose EchoENG as your pallet lifting solution.

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