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Electric pallet lifter - echoENG MA SL EL16

Main Features:

  • Maximum height 1600 mm.
  • Load capacity of 1500 kg.
  • Minimum turning radius of 1316 mm.
  • Suitable for confined spaces.


Model MA SL EL16
Capacity 1500 kg
Max/min height 1600/86 mm
Load center 600 mm
Fork length 1150 mm
Single fork width 160 mm
Front wheel size 80x70 mm 
Rear wheel size 210x70 mm 
Minimum turning radius 1316 mm
Drive motor power 0,75 kW
Lifting motor power 2.2 kW  
Lifting speed 100/150 mm/s
Lowering speed 150/130 mm/s
Max. stroke speed 3,5/5 km/s
Battery 2x12V/2x70Ah
Loader 24V 710A
Weight 425 kg

If you're in search of a versatile and reliable lifter, the EchoENG MA SL EL16 Electric Pallet Lifter is your ideal answer. With a lifting capacity reaching up to 1600 mm and the ability to effortlessly hoist heavy loads of up to 1500 kg (1.5 tons), this lifter embodies power and reliability. It stands as the perfect companion for your day-to-day operations, including short-distance transports, thanks to its user-friendly design and unmatched convenience.

Agility in Confined Spaces:

Its user-friendly nature, practicality, and dynamic performance make it perfect for environments with limited space. Its reduced steering radius turns it into an incredibly agile ally, simplifying every operator's task.

Versatility in Every Detail:

With lifting speeds of 100/150 mm/s, our lifter empowers operators to effortlessly reach shelves as high as 1600 mm, delivering remarkable versatility for your operational needs.

Operator Comfort and Safety:

The lifter's comfortable grip, complete with lift/lower buttons and a horn, combined with polyurethane wheels, guarantees a smooth and pleasant loading and unloading experience for the operator. Furthermore, its low noise and pollution levels, coupled with its long battery life, make it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Power and Unwavering Reliability:

The EchoENG MA SL EL16 Electric Lift boasts a high-power and high-performance pump station, ensuring the secure and reliable elevation of your goods. Its compact and sturdy design guarantees maximum safety during every operation.

Conquer Every Handling Task with Ease and Safety:

Whether you're navigating through tight spaces or reaching towering shelves, the EchoENG MA SL EL16 Electric Pallet Lifter is your ultimate solution for handling tasks. Face every handling operation with ease and confidence, thanks to the EchoENG MA SL EL16 Electric Pallet Lifter.

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