Dust and liquid vacuum cleaner 20 liters, Hoover 1000W - Comet CV 20 S

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Comet is the Italian company closest to the needs of everyone, professionals, craftsmen, hobbyists and housewives! The Comet CV 20 S Vacuum Cleaner is the most widely used appliance for removing solids and liquids or blowing leaves and small debris in the household.

The structure rests on a trolley with 4 pivoting wheels that facilitate sliding on the floor; the 20-liter steel drum is very resistant to wear and accidental impacts; in addition, the CV 20 S is made as follows:

1000 W silenced, powerful motor capable of vacuuming about 40 l/second without uncertainty
Drum capacity 14 l for dust and 16 l for liquids
Wide top handle to lift the vacuum with agility
Integrated blower function
Automatic filter shaker via red side button that pressed several times frees the internal filter from accumulated dust without dispersing it into the air and environment
Practical and functional accessories with which to tackle many jobs in the most pertinent way: floor brush, crevice nozzle, sponge filter, cloth filter, 1.5 m hose and 2 black plastic extensions
The Comet CV 20 S is equipped with accessory holders that ensure tidy components to take up as little space as possible and always have everything at hand.

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