Duo-set yard light - 576402

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SYSLITE DUO-Set construction beacon


Because on the quality of light depends the success of a job.

A new generation of light: it illuminates the entire surface instead of shining light in one spot. With outstanding LED arrangement for 180° angle of spread and even illumination with daylight-like light tone. With stable tripod that can be used in an extended position up to 2.00 m high. Extremely sturdy and durable with 10,000 hours of light duration (L70), impact-resistant corners, and secure packaging in Systainer. One-hand grip, fastening options and cable winding? They certainly cannot be missed! The new SYSLITE DUO. The tool in the foreground.

  • Outstanding LED arrangement for 180° beam angle and homogeneous illumination
  • High brightness (8,000 lm) creates exceptional illumination on large surfaces
  • Light tone similar to daylight (5000 K)
  • Robust and long-lasting with 10,000 hours of service life (L70) and impact-resistant corners
  • Dust, water, drop and shock resistant (IP 55 rating)

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