Compact reversible screwdriver aluminium motor housing - 1927 G Beta

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Compact reversible screwdriver

Balanced and light
Direct drive motor
Compact and powerful
- Single hammer impulse mechanism
- Aluminium motor body with composite handle
- Reversing control can be operated with one hand
- 3 different power levels when screwing
- Air exhaust through handle
- Overhead motor with direct transmission of rotation to the output frame for better body balance and increased manoeuvrability

Free speed 8500 rpm
Maximum torque 325 Nm
Screw/nut capacity Cl 8.8 M16 24 mm
Screw/nut capacity Cl 12.9 M14 21 mm
Air connection 1/4" GAS
Operating pressure 6,2 bar
Ø inside air hose 10 mm
Average air consumption 113 l/min
Weight 1,2 kg

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