Cold Water pressure Washer - 4.1 WI-TOUCH ARBC - 15180

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Pressure washer for intensive use 150 Bar 820 Lt/h 2.5Kw


Wi-TOUCH System is the innovative remote control system for high-pressure pressure washers designed and patented by Annovi Reverberi that allows, combined with the DTS technological system, to modulate the performance of the pressure washer directly from the gun through "power change".

Thanks to the mode shift lever, the transition between ECO soft cleaning mode, suitable for cleaning vehicles, fences, garden furniture, awnings and delicate surfaces, and FAST cleaning, useful for larger surfaces and to remove the deepest dirt from stone or concrete floors, walls, coatings and equipment, is controlled.

Dualtech Technology System (DTS) is the technological system for high pressure washer models patented by Annovi Reverberi that includes two pump-motor groups (2 Power Units) in the device.

Performance is boosted by up to 50% more, with a substantial reduction in cleaning times. The force and extension of the jet are optimized and the flow rate can reach 850 l/h, twice the average of a home & garden pressure washer

The range of action of the jet can reach 5 meters away, to easily clean even very large surfaces in height. Dualtech Technology System allows you to activate one or two Power Units according to the type of work to be done, varying the jet depending on the surface to be cleaned.


DTS Series 4.1 Wi-TOUCH is the high pressure washer AR Blue Clean with integrated technology DTS Dualtech Technology System. Highly performing, innovative and versatile, it guarantees unprecedented performance thanks to the synergistic action of 2 Power Units that double the water flow. Moreover, thanks to the
innovative Wi-TOUCH control system, it is possible to modulate the performance of the pressure washer directly from the gun through the "power change" button. The ECO Soft Cleaning mode activates a single Power Unit for a light wash that allows you to effectively clean the most delicate surfaces such as, for example, wooden garden furniture, bicycles and outdoor fabrics. The FAST Cleaning mode activates both Power Units, for a quick and intense wash. This mode is recommended for uses that require a high cleaning force and to eliminate deep dirt: in this case, all the power of the pressure washer with a standard energy consumption will be used. FAST Cleaning is designed to intervene on stone, concrete, brick surfaces or to effectively clean metal railings and gates, vehicles, work and gardening tools.
4.1 Wi-TOUCH is equipped with Twin Nozzle, the unmissable accessory useful for increasing the cleaning performance of large surfaces, saving time and effort. It is particularly suitable for washing concrete or brick walls, flooring and swimming pools. Thanks to the use of specific accessories, which allow you to double the washing surface, you can save up to 70% of your time.

Wi-touch Power Change

Wi-TOUCH is the new technology that allows you to modulate the performance of the pressure washer directly from the gun through the practical Power Change button. To activate this mode, simply set the machine selector to position 1. With a slight pressure of the Power Change, the pressure washer is remotely communicated to switch from ECO Soft Cleaning mode to FAST Cleaning mode and vice versa, to save time and achieve optimal cleaning on any type of surface with a single switch.

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