Canister 20 liters SENSE Odorless liquid fuel for universal stove - Qlima

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Product sheet


Brand Qlima

Model Sense 20 L

Packaging PET canister

EAN code 8713508766812


Product Specifications

Type Dearomatized

Category Semi-heavy

Rate Code HS27101925

Color Transparent Aromatic hydrocarbons (Spec.)%/wt 0.5

Flash point (Typ.)°C> 65

Density at 20°C (typical) kg/l 0.8

ADR Not subject to transport ADR

Storage advice Inside, out of direct sunlight and moisture. PVG is not responsible for any deterioration of packaging/contents due to external storage.

The certainty of Qlima Premium Quality fuels.

Qlima is the European market leader for heating fuels. After more than 35 years of innovation, today Qlima produces only premium quality fuels. Our secret lies in the combination of our unique "from ship to shop" in-house production concept with our highly qualified staff, always willing to go the extra mile. The quality of our fuel is constantly monitored by external independent laboratories. These entities belong to the best organizations for independent inspection, testing and verification. The end result is the cleanest, purest and best performing fuels available on the market. In its product and packaging development, Qlima constantly respects the environment. A good example of this is the introduction of the PET canister-a Qlima innovation that ensures that fuel packages are now 100 percent recyclable. Qlima is therefore able to guarantee the ultimate in quality, efficiency and comfort, thus providing an exceptional heating experience. The certainty of Qlima Premium Quality fuels: maximum quality, maximum efficiency, maximum comfort . Qlima fluids fit any type of fuel stove and ensure the best heating experience.

Qlima Performance Meter

By using Qlima Premium Quality fuels, sie ensure: maximum quality, maximum efficiency and maximum comfort. All Qlima fuels offer exceptional performance. The difference between the various Qlima labels is very small; the difference with other brands is relatively large. To explain the characteristics of the various labels in a non-technical way, we developed the Qlima Performance Meter.

Qlima Sense

Safe, nearly odorless combustion to ensure the stove's efficient operation and long life, with the advantage of optimal value for money. Like all Qlima fuels, Qlima Sense is totally safe and its quality is tested by independent organizations. It can be used for all fuel stoves and in any environment. The PET canister ensures high recyclability, and the childproof seal makes the use of Qlima Sense even more reliable.

Qlima Loyalty Program

Using Qlima Premium Quality fuels ensures the highest quality, maximum efficiency and comfort for a superior heating experience. One of the results of the continuous production of Premium Quality fuels is a large group of brand-loyal customers. In order to reward these customers for their loyalty, Qlima has created a special program. By collecting Qlima points, customers can choose from, for example, accessories and reductions on fuel prices. Conditions and offers may vary by country. Visit your local Qlima website for the current loyalty program.

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