Blade for jigsaw WOOD/PLASTIC cod. A-86290 - A-86290 Makita

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The choice of a jigsaw blade depends on the material to be cut, the thickness of the material, and whether it cuts straight or curved lines. These saw blades are suitable for machines with single cam shank attachments. HCS L-1 jigsaw blade, sharpened with free cutting angle. For straight and clean cuts in thick materials: wood, plywood and plywood and plastic. Fits Makita model: 4350CT, 4350FCT, 4350FCTJ, 4350FCTK, 4350T, 4351CT, 4351FCT, 4351FCTJ, 4351FCTK, 4351T, BJV140RFJ, BJV140RFX, BJV140ZJ, BJV140ZX , BJV180RFJ, BJV180RFX, BJV180ZJ, BJV180ZX, DJV140RFJ, DJV140RMJ, DJV140Z, DJV140ZJ, DJV141RFJ , DJV141RMJ, DJV141RTJ, DJV141ZJ, DJV142RFJ, DJV142RMJ, DJV142RTJ, DJV142ZJ, DJV180RFJ, DJV180RMJ, DJV180RTJ, DJV180Z, DJV180ZJ, DJV181RFJ, DJV181RMJ, DJV181RTJ, DJ V1 81Z, DJV181ZJ, DJV182RFJ, DJV182RMJ, DJV182RTJ

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