BITUMI' WHITE SPRAY GLOVE 500ml waterproofs, seals, covers and protects

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Spray Sheath


Saratoga BITUMÌ waterproofs, seals, fills, plugs, covers and protects. BITUMÌ is the elastomeric-based spray sheathing ideal for waterproofing and sealing on: roofing, fiber cement sheets, terraces, roof tiles, Canadian tiles, eaves channels, chimneys, skylights, water collection tanks, flashings, walls, drains, cracks in walls, vents, framing, to paint and protect planters, fountains, pots, protect surfaces. Ideal for all surfaces, it is particularly suitable on: wood, sheet metal, aluminum, steel, concrete and bitumen; clings and protects without the need for brush or roller intervention. It allows encapsulating and consolidating ruined surfaces of concrete roofs, fixing, covering, ruined or unglued mantles and sheathing, occluding holes and chips even permanently. It covers and protects surfaces without affecting them. It has a long-lasting protective action; if used periodically at least twice a year, (and in any case as soon as it is seen that the surface begins to degrade), its protective power is increased.


Make sure the surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and degreased. Shake the can well before use. Mask with masking tape the areas that must remain protected. Spray evenly on the parts to be treated and adjacent surfaces, spraying from a distance of about 20-30 cm. For filling and waterproofing areas with major gaps, proceed by successive coats (several hours apart, as indicated on the canister, so that the previous coat is completely dry), until a uniform sheath of coverage has been created, which cancels the gaps between the various materials.

If the gaps are very large (>0.5 cm), fill the cavity with a material such as string, fabric, paper or cardboard before proceeding. On any surface, apply at least 2 layers of product. To allow the canister to be reused, once used turn it upside down and press lightly on the nozzle to clean it.

Application temperature +5° / +40°C.

Drying time: 10-20 minutes by touch depending on humidity and temperature, 2-8 hours in depth (fully dry).

Repaintable after complete drying.


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