ARTIGLIO SUPER 620 low viscosity neoprene adhesive 150ml tube Wilbra

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Artiglio Super 620 Tube is a historic product from WILBRA, a low-viscosity neoprene adhesive suitable for effectively bonding any rough surface, such as wood, plastic and leather. Its versatility lies in its composition: a low-viscosity neoprene adhesive with excellent spreadability and good resistance to heat and moisture. Suitable for general uses and especially for repairs. Once dry, the glue has a strong and secure hold, yet maintains optimum flexibility for repairing objects that see a lot of use.

Claw Super 620 Tube is available in sizes of: 75ml and 150ml and are available in both single pack (suitable for DIY use) and blister packs to display on your store counter.

It is a classic in the WILBRA catalog, and thanks to its special formula it continues to reconfirm itself as the glue of choice for shoemakers for over 40 years. Claw Super 620 is great for uses in both the DIY and professional worlds.

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